Our Story


In October of 2007, a group of 7 men from a church in Grapevine, Texas partnered with a Christian ministry called Casas por Cristo and traveled to Juarez, Mexico to build a home for a family in need there.  The men went to bless this family, but came back so blessed by the experience that the excitement generated about that trip caused greater interest so that a slightly larger group (9, including 2 women), went back to Juarez and built another home the next year in 2008.


In 2009, an even larger group again traveled to Mexico, but this time to Anapra, one of the poorest of the poor communities within the city of Juarez.  While there, a connection was made with several of the children living in homes nearby, and from that birthed the idea to return at Christmas to bring gifts of toys and clothing to the children and adults.

On the way back to Anapra that December in 2009, our contact at Casas por Cristo (Mikell) received a phone call from a lady named Elia, well-known and loved in Anapra because she cares for, feeds, and often takes in children who otherwise would not have a place to stay or food to eat.  Elia asked Mikell if there was anything at all they might have for the children.   Mikell told her it ‘just so happened’ that a group of men from Dallas were on their way to Juarez to bring food, clothing, and toys to a community there.

Mikell was able to reach the group while they were still driving in, so they saved some of what they had brought with them for Juarez, to give to Elia in Anapra.  This time, when the men came back from Mexico, all they could talk about was this wonderful woman of God who is rescuing children in Anapra who otherwise would be on their own a large part of the time.

Sharing this story with others suddenly caused many hearts to turn specifically to helping Sister Elia and these children.  For some of the men in the group, going to Mexico wasn't entirely about building a home anymore; it had become more than that. 


Beginning in October 2010, the group started feeding the children and families in the community after the build, and would return in December of 2010 specifically to bring them warm clothes and Christmas gifts for the children.  But there was another pressing need – an unfinished building located next to the safe house.  Sister Elia’s deep-felt prayer was for that building to have a floor and ceiling – to be closed in so that she would have a warmer place to house the children, and also use it for the kids to meet on Saturday for ministry (she routinely feeds and clothes 80-100 children).


In May 2011, the group once again returned to Anapra to help complete the exterior walls of the unfinished building.  They went back in October as usual to build another home in Anapra, this time for Pastor Hector.  After the build, they spent the rest of the time ministering to the community by feeding and loving on the children there. 

During the Christmas run in December of 2011, the group completed the roof and floor for Sister Elia's safe house, and took toys and clothes for Pastor Hector to distribute to the community there.  Because problems were encountered at the border this time, the group was forced to return most of the clothes and toys to the Casas por Cristo facility in El Paso, where it could later be driven back across the border a little at a time for distribution.


In October 2012, the group built their 6th house in Mexico.  By this time, Christmas runs were independent of Casas por Cristo, and the vision had been broadened to want to partner with Pastor Hector and Sister Elia in whatever way God provided.  The mission became one of wanting to touch these lives for eternity by introducing them to Jesus, to help feed, clothe, and provide the basic necessities for the children on a regular basis, and also to provide schooling for the children – possibly even college – so that they could have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and provide a better life for themselves and their families.  We believe that some of these kids are one day going to become pastors and teachers who lead others to Christ.


A friend of the group learned that most of the kids didn't get anything to eat over the weekend when they're not in school, because their families simply cannot afford to buy food for them.

Late in 2012, God gave this man a vision to create fundraisers that could Help Us Change Their World.  And that's how the ministry was born.  It branched off into a ministry that specifically deals with raising money to feed the kids and help provide for other needs, as well.  The fundraisers were successful!  In 2013, thousands of dollars were raised to Help Us Change Their World!


In 2013, the ministry was able to provide both Sister Elia's safe house and Pastor Hector's church with a used refrigerator and used stove to better help them feed the children.  The ministry also purchased a used van for Pastor Hector's church, which not only allowed him to transport children to and from school, protecting them from being kidnapped by drug cartel, but it also helped to qualify the church as an orphanage so that he can feed and house more children.

Beginning in January, the ministry started providing continual monthly support to Sister Elia and Pastor Hector to help feed the children.

The Year of the Long-Awaited Revival

So far again this year, the ministry, through its fundraisers, has been able to provide monthly financial support to Sister Elia and Pastor Hector to help feed the children.  We have had 3 successful fundraisers - a softball tournament, a golf tournament, and a "fundraiser night" at Spring Creek BBQ.  THANK YOU to all who participated in these crucial fundraising events!

The money raised has enabled us to continue feeding the kids on a monthly basis, and also helped fund the 5-day ministry trip on October 24-26.  Lots of preparation went on behind the scenes to get ready for this long-awaited crusade. Two churches from Anapra and Juarez were involved, flyers were handed out within the surrounding communities to raise awareness of the revival, musicians were ready to lead worship and we had our airline tickets and hotel reservations in hand.

Not only did the Word go out to all the people within earshot of the open-air environment where the revival was held, this trip also provided dental care to 40 children.  Healings, miracles, and salvation happened during this 5-day trip.

If you can be a financial blessing to this ministry, please give abundantly as God has laid it on your heart to give. This is His ministry - we are only the vehicle used and sent - His feet on the ground.



A Year of Progress

In 2015, we saw God bring other people and even churches into Pastor Hector's life to help supply all the needs of building and expanding the orphanage.  This ministry to continues to send money each month to help feed the kids in the orphanage.